Our Mission

Horizon Community Church exists to cultivate community and celebrate Jesus.

Cultivating Community

We believe that church should function like a family, eating in each other's homes, connecting and encouraging each other throughout the week.

We also believe the followers of Jesus should work to make their communities the best places to live by fostering positive change.

Celebrating Jesus

We believe the church doesn't have to be boring to be reverent. We think the church should be building bridges to help every day people encounter Jesus, instead of creating barriers.


At the center of everything we believe and practice is the gospel. The word gospel means "good news". The good news is this, Jesus Christ, God Himself came into our world, but he did not come to destroy us or punish us, he came to rescue us. He showered us with good when we deserved evil. The message of the gospel is simple: God is not angry with you. He is in love with you.