Our Mission

Relationships not religion.

Our goal is not to gather religious people and teach them to be more religious. Our goal is to build relationships with people far away from God and introduce them to the ways of Jesus. I believe your life would be better, and our world would be better if people lived and loved like Jesus did.

We believe that religion doesn't make people better, it makes them busy. We believe that people don't change because of religious talks, but through authentic, open and non-judgmental relationships.


At the center of everything we believe and practice is the gospel. The word gospel means "good news". The good news is this, Jesus Christ, God Himself came into our world, but he did not come to destroy us or punish us, he came to rescue us. He showered us with good when we deserved evil. The message of the gospel is simple: God is not angry with you. He is in love with you.