We use space at The Rock, 19 East Eagle Road, Havertown, PA 19083 at 10AM. We started weekly services on April 1, 2018. 

Parking is free on Sundays in Haverford Township. There is also street parking on Eagle Road in front of the venue and on E. Darby Road. There is a free parking lot a short distance away on Darby Road called the Oakmont Shopping parking lot. 


  • CURRENT SERIES: The Good News

    The gospel is the central message of the Bible, but most people struggle to define what the gospel is. Join us as we get familiar with why the story of Jesus is good news that will change everything in our lives!

  • UPCOMING SERIES: Christmas Lights

    In December, we'll kick off a new Christmas series. The world and sometimes our lives seem so dark, but Jesus claimed to be a light in dark places. Let's discover together how Jesus can transform the darkest spots of the earth and our lives!


Our services are upbeat, casual and contemporary. Most services last an hour or less. There is no need to dress up, we welcome everyone regardless of what you wear. We will have coffee and donuts as our treat for those who rushed to church without eating.

We do not have child care during a service. We encourage children to stay with their parents in the service, but have baskets of toys and activities available for children.

Alex designs his sermons to be short, relevant and to the point. He shares one point sermons designed to illuminate the Bible on topics that matter in your life. Alex is always happen to answer any questions about his message or Christianity in general.